About APS Groups

APS Group is one of the fastest growing business groups in South India. APS Groups has number of Industrial Domains with a host of group companies, trusts and foundations operating under its umbrella. These organizations have been playing a significant role in shaping the economic and social development of South India.

The Group has also made investments in Manufacturing, Value Added Services, Project Development, Engineering Services, Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Property Development, Natural Energy Resources etc. We are constantly evolving group in global markets, creating high-quality interrelated ventures, products and services worldwide.

Our Vision

Vision is to be an industry leader in every business. Superior customer service, innovation through collaboration, and always striving for excellence and quality will give you the best experience.

Our Mission

The mission of APS Group is to provide excellence and quality through innovation, integrity, and a forward-thinking approach. To be a partner in nation building and contribute towards India’s economic growth.


Quality and Customer satisfaction are the values which make us outstanding in our fields.