APS Silks

APS Silks is a business unit within APS Groups. APS Silks offers elegant and artistic Silk clothes to our retail and whole sale customers – thus directly engaging in Indian markets.

APS Silks is a quality committed manufacturing unit with its well controlled processing facilities. Quality is the most important thing at APS silks. Since the processes involved are performed with regular monitoring and approved by our special quality control team, quality becomes an assured factor. We have some excellent dyeing, twisting, embroidery and weaving facilities. At APS Silks we have employed the latest technology.

Weaving at APS Silks is done on quality machines to ensure that the final product is as per the customer requirements. Our weaving units are well equipped with the updated version of conventional looms as well as the modern rapier looms. We also have a control of Hand loom sector, where we produce certain custom made fabrics, with the exclusive authorized Label of Hand loom products. Embroidery is done on machines and we bring out some beautiful and exclusive designs for our discerning buyers. Besides, we also produce handmade embroideries done in villages – for which India is popular for. The designs depict the true Indian culture, our heritage and ethnicity.

A team of highly dedicated workforce involved in process activities, product development, production, quality control and packing and other allied activities. We have well qualified designers and artists from some of the well known textile designing schools continuously develop new concepts as per the required trends. They are responsible for new product development and innovative ideas.

Quality is the corner stone of any industry and APS Silks very strictly adheres to this. We believe in Quality, Quality speaks for APS Silks, that’s our motto.

To learn more about APS Chit Fund, please visit www.apssilks.in